Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA)

While the Mid-Atlantic region is home to a formidable number of early stage life science companies, and an even more formidable number of accomplished current and retired life science executives and investors, more often than not, life science companies seeking investment end up presenting to a group of non life science investors who are unable to understand or relate to the company's product or service, nor to the effort required to bring these to market. This mismatch has given rise to the creation of the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels group (MABA), an angel investor group focused exclusively on new and emerging life science companies.

Membership in MABA is by invitation only and is extended to active, accredited investors (angels) who wish to make investments in life science companies, as well as institutional investors and life science company venture arms wishing to invest alongside the angels.

MABA believes that the success of our group depends on having both dedicated, active investors as well as quality investment opportunities. We aim to achieve this by exercising control over access to our group – for both investors and prospective presenting companies. New members can only join if sponsored by an existing member of the group, and a company will only be invited to present once it passes several levels of pre-screening, the last level being a recommendation by a steering committee member who speaks with the company and has been convinced by them to sponsor their presentation (lobby on their behalf). We believe that by proceeding in this manner, both members and presenting companies will find MABA's activities and meetings to be particularly worthwhile.

MABA does not charge presenting companies a cash fee to present, and, to encourage investment, MABA does not charge membership dues from members who actively invest. MABA's operating expenses are covered by generous aid from its sponsors.

Steering Committee

MABA is assisted in its activities by a Steering Committee (SC) consisting of approximately 12-15 individuals who are already members and who devote additional time to shaping the vision of the organization, as well as the process of selecting and (to a limited extent) coaching of presentation candidates.


A select group of sponsors helps fund MABA's activities. Sponsors have been selected based on their expertise in and resources dedicated to the life sciences. Other than the sponsors' representatives, the group will consist entirely of angel investors and related investment entities.


MABA investors invest across the spectrum of life science opportunities.

MABA is not a fund.  MABA's members invest as individuals or as a group - at their discretion, or as arranged with the company receiving the investment.

MABA recently created a closed-end Pool, funded entirely by its members.  The Pool invests alongside individual MABA members.

MABA places no geographical restrictions/requirements for presenting companies, as long as meaningful and effective post-investment monitoring of these companies can be achieved.  

MABA is an inclusive group, and, as such, maintains an active dialogue with and seeks to invest and share due diligence with other angels and angel groups.

To learn more about becoming a member, please visit the "Membership" tab, or click here.

To learn more about presenting to our group, please visit the "Entrepreneurs" tab, or click here.

Advantages & Differentiation

For the Life Science Angels

For Angels - by Angels
The group is composed overwhelmingly of like-minded angels - those who are actively investing or wish to actively invest in life science opportunities

Angel - Appropriate
Presenting companies must pass several pre-screening levels to ensure that the opportunity is compatible with angel investment expectations

Inclusive - Non-Exclusionary
MABA seeks to collaborate with other life-science funding sources, including individual angels, angel groups, institutional investors, pharmaceutical/bio venture funds and others

Cost & Investment
To encourage active investments, the membership fee is waived for members who invest a certain aggregate minimum annually in opportunities presented by MABA.

For Life Science Companies

Targeted Audience
Life science companies present to active life science angel investors and others who share the same investment interests

Mentoring & Feedback
Not all companies who apply to present will be accepted. 

  • Those not accepted to present will be provided the reasons for their rejection
  • Those accepted to present will speak with one or more of the SC members prior to presentation, and will also be given feedback by the same members after their presentation

There is no cash fee to present. 

Because of MABA's inclusionary efforts, the group and its members will have access to a number of other angels, angel groups, institutional funds and company venture funds - all of which should aid the company's efforts to efficiently raise the funds it requires