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Sonorous is developing a vascular stent device to be placed into the cerebral sinuses of patients with intrinsic or extrinsic stenosis which causes pulsatile tinnitus (PT). PT is caused by a venous sinus stenosis/stiffening causing hemodynamic turbulent blood flow and high frequency

turbulence transmitted to the inner ear as a pulsating sound. Sonorous’ vascular stent opens the narrowed vessel and restores blood flow.


Sonorous First Publication – Q2 2024

Sonorous Investor Additional Update (Stock Option Pool Expansion) – Q2 2024

Sonorous Investor Update – Q2 2024

Sonorous Series A and Investor Update [

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MABA Founder Yaniv Sneor on TEN Capital Network – The Relationship between Funding and Exit Paths

Early-stage life sciences companies are increasingly in the spotlight these days, with an uptick in investor interest and M&A activity in the space.

In “The Relationship between Funding and Exit Paths”, MABA founder Yaniv Sneor shares some background about our group and discusses potential exit strategies a young life science company may consider and how an exit strategy will, in most cases, determine the funding

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