Investment Process

The MABA® investor group asks all companies seeking funding from us, who believe that they meet our investment criteria, to submit an application.

Application Process

The MABA® investor group does not sign Non Disclosure Agreements. We ask that all applications contain only non-confidential information, and information that the applicant is comfortable sharing on a non confidential basis.

All applications are reviewed by a Screening Committee, about once a month (except for the summer).


Three-quarters (75%) of applications are rejected in screening.

Approximately a quarter (25%) are invited to present to the group in person.

MABA responds to all applicants, noting general points of concern raised by the Screening Committee in the rejection notices.

More than half of the presenting companies proceed to diligence.

Approximately 2% of applicants receive funding from our group.


The entire process – from the moment an application is sent in, until a positive funding decision is made usually takes between three to six (3-6) months.  Summer and holiday breaks can extend the timeline.


The goal of screening is to identify companies that are most likely to generate investment interest from our group.

If your company was not selected to present to our group, please do not be discouraged. Just because our specific blend of investors may not be interested in your opportunity does not mean that others will not find it attractive.

We encourage companies that are able to address the points noted in the rejections, to re-apply to us in the future.

Our Investment Criteria

If you believe that your company meets our Investment Criteria,
please submit an Application for our group’s consideration. 

Submit an Application