MABA Membership Guidelines

Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) is an invitation-only group of angel investors, mostly from the mid-Atlantic region, but not exclusively, who recognize the benefits of vetted, focused deal flow and shared due diligence, when seeking life science investment opportunities. 

All of our individual members are:

§  Accredited (per current SEC rules)

§  Interested and actively investing in life science companies

MABA’s membership guidelines favor active engagement, over paid dues. 

MABA offers two categories of membership:

I.  INDIVIDUAL - ACTIVE (free membership)

1.  Serve on MABA’s Steering Committee; and/or

2.  Invest in MABA’s Investment Pool; and/or

3.  Attend (in person) at least five (of ten) meetings in a calendar year

4.  All Active members must lead or participate in at least one due diligence in a calendar year 

5.  Invest at least $25,000 in a calendar year in a life science company

II.  CORPORATE ($5,000 annual dues)

1.  Corporations, funds, family offices and other entities, other than individuals

All Members are encouraged to:

§  Refer investment candidates

§  Refer qualified investors for membership

§  Make introductions to potential MABA or 1st Pitch Life Science sponsors

Each meeting of members will feature presentations by companies that have been selected by the Steering Committee. Company presentations to members take place on a monthly basis (excluding July and August) with up to four companies presenting at each meeting. Investment decisions will be made independently by interested members, who may invest individually, collectively or through separate entities formed for that purpose.

Monthly meetings are held in the New York City area and are followed by a networking reception.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) consists of approximately 12-15 individuals who are already members and who devote additional time to shaping the vision of the organization, as well as the process of selecting and (to a limited extent) coaching of presentation candidates.

To learn more about becoming a member, please contact us.

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Benefits for the Life Science Angels

For Angels - by Angels
The group is composed of like-minded angels - those who are actively investing or wish to actively invest in life science opportunities

Angel - Appropriate
Presenting companies are pre-screened by SC members to ensure that the opportunity is compatible with angel investment expectations

Inclusive - Non-Exclusionary
MABA collaborates with other life-science funding sources, including individual angels, angel groups, institutional investors, pharma/bio venture funds and others