Sidecar Fund I

A passive, blind investment fund, co-investing with the MABA® investor group

Sidecar Fund I is no longer accepting new investors. Please see Sidecar Fund II for current investment information.

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MABA Sidecar Fund I

MABA® formed the MABA Sidecar Fund I (the “Fund”) in order to provide non-MABA members the opportunity to co-invest with MABA, but without membership attendance or activity requirements. Participation in this Fund is open only to “accredited investors” (as defined by the SEC) who are not MABA members.

The Fund will invest automatically based on pre-set ratios and rules, including confirmed investment from MABA members or MABA member Pools, and will receive substantially the same investment terms as those MABA members. The Fund’s investment approach is considered both passive and blind.

Sidecar Fund I Mechanics

The MABA Sidecar Fund does not make investment decisions or provide any advice. The Fund only invests if MABA investors made an investment that qualifies for co-investment by the Fund (based on pre-set, published rules). Once the conditions for co-investment by the Fund are met, the Fund’s investment is automatic.

For more information about the Fund download the Introduction to MABA & Sidecar Fund I and Sidecar Fund I’s summary.

Target Audience

The MABA Sidecar Fund I investors are individuals who:

  • Wish to have exposure to private, early stage life science companies in their investment portfolios.
  • Are SEC accredited (under Regulation D of the Securities Act).
  • Wish for their funds to be invested alongside MABA, automatically, based on preset rules and criteria.
  • Wish to invest at least $25,000.