What We Look For

The MABA® investor group seeks to invest in companies the following characteristics

Strong, commercially-minded management team

Once the company has graduated from a lab research project and engaged at least one key commercially-focused leader, and once the company is focused on the commercialization of an identified asset.

Solutions that will change the standard of care

Beyond an incremental improvement, disruptive solutions will ultimately change the way practitioners practice medicine in their field

Regulated products

Regulated products, e.g., therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, some digital (therapeutics, biomarkers, etc.)

Large and growing addressable markets

Markets that can support a large exit, preferably by M&A

Angel friendly investments

Angel investors can achieve a return on their investment when they invest in successive rounds (often syndicated) that are traditionally well below $10 million each, and that total ~$30 million or less, before reaching an exit. These are the types of opportunities in which MABA seeks to participate. Rounds that are larger than $10 million, and funding requirements that exceed $40 million in total, to reach an exit, are more suited for venture capital (VC) than for angels, and ones that MABA seeks to avoid.

Our Investment Criteria

If you believe that your company meets our Investment Criteria,
please submit an Application for our group’s consideration. 

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