Mid Atlantic Bio Angels, a NY-based angel investor group, is investing in Hilltop Bio, a veterinary biotech company. The MABA investment includes individual investors; MABA’s internal investment Pool III; and the MABA Sidecar Fund II, a co-investment fund for non-MABA members

Hilltop Bio’s products, in development and commercialized, are regenerative therapies that help reduce pain, inflammation, healing time, scar tissue, and reinjury rates. Equine and small animal veterinarians benefit due to the ease of everyday use, storage, and consistent product profile. Veterinarians can also reduce the number of visits a client makes to their facility, or they make to a facility, providing them with greater availability to see more clients, with more satisfied customers overall.

MABA Co-Founder Yaniv Sneor stated, “We are pleased to announce Hilltop as MABA’s most recent investment. This is MABA’s first opportunity to engage with a veterinary biotech company whom we believe will have a positive impact on improving the standard of care for treatment of inflammatory diseases in the veterinary space.”

Hilltop Bio’s strategy is to identify key inflammatory diseases in companion and performance animals and work to provide targeted regenerative therapies to help reduce inflammation and normalize the damaged tissue function. Hilltop Bio has developed a strong pipeline of therapies across many therapeutic classes, alongside cGMP, cGTP manufacturing capabilities and a developing intellectual property portfolio.

Hilltop Bio CEO Amanda Drobnis commented, “We are thrilled to be partnered with MABA to further continue the efforts of producing the most technologically advanced, consistent, sterile room-temperature regenerative therapies available in the animal health market. Our partnership with MABA comes at a time in which Hilltop Bio is experiencing excellent growth from its previous year in revenue, and we are looking forward to building even more value in the future. We are honored to be part of the diverse and promising MABA portfolio of companies.”

Mid Atlantic Bio Angels group (bioangels.net) is an angel investor group focused exclusively on new and emerging life science companies, investing in therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, and digital health companies, with no geographic limitations. Membership in MABA is by invitation only and is extended to active, accredited investors, as well as institutional investors and pharma and device companies wishing to invest alongside the angels. MABA’s members include practicing physicians, executives within small and large life science companies, and corporate members from the industry. MABA also manages Sidecar Fund II, fund which provides access to MABA’s curated deal flow, for non-MABA members.

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